Here You Come Again ©

Here you come again,

knocking down my walls,

pretending that I still love you,

finding out that I still do.

You come with the lyrics of romantic songs,

and linger with the notes,

while describing the anecdotes

that should’ve been long gone.

No matter how hard I try,

memories bring our love back to life,

back into my heart,

far away from my present and my mind.

Here I go again,

letting myself go,

embracing your presence,

and reminiscing about our world.

You come with the words of other lovers’ songs,

and your aroma lingers with the notes,

that describe profound love,

the one that made us fall.

So here we are again,

and again I think of you,

my possession and my obsession,

my lover yet my tormentor.

You come with some words,

you come with some notes,

memories become the melody of my own song,

and my heart dances for a bit more.

And  we are together again,

and I feel what I felt back then,

when our love was pure and serene,

when the deception was not your friend.

Again and again,

I find you in my head,

and we dance together,

while we feel the air.

Again and again, you come into my world,

attached to the lyrics of an old song,

and so does the love,

and so does the sob.

Again and again,

I remember you,

abandoning me,

leaving me behind and never looking back.

But I can’t say that I miss you,

because I truly don’t.

It is me whom I do miss,

feeling free to love without fears.

You come with the lyrics of old songs,

and with you, and with your love,

come to the deception,

the pain that has been long gone.

Here I am again,

knowing that you are my past,

and that I no longer want,

the promises of deceiving lies.

You come with the words of lovers’ songs,

and sometimes with a melody of my own,

pretending that I still love you,

finding out that I still do.

But freeing my love from hurt,

vanishes your presence in my soul,

it liberates me from the boredom

of thinking of us as one world.

Here I go again,

letting you inside my head,

and again, I’m letting ourselves go

like we did yesterday.

By Carolina Gonzalez (Carolina Portilla Garcés) 2015 © #carolinaswords