About Carolina Gonzalez @carolinaswords

Writer and Digital Marketing Specialist

August 2021:

I completed the University of Miami Digital Marketing Professional Program!  

This was the perfect match to my BA in Communications and Journalism with an emphasis on media production! 

The principles of communications and marketing are still at the core of the new era of Media, and by knowing both worlds, I can shine in my element: words! 

SEO, SEM, SMM, CRM, UX, UI, Data Visualization, Analytics, E-Commerce, Content Marketing, E-mail marketing, Google Ads, FB Ads, PPC campaigns, and Digital Strategy are months the new tasks that I know how to manage.

Keywords are an essential part of both organic and paid growth, and of course, I am enjoying this part of the process.  Words are Key! 

This program validated my knowledge and has taken me to new areas of continuous success!  
I am very proud! 

Poetry and Creative Writing: 

Social Media Platforms:

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