You are Still Here ©

I lost you to the wind

to the air than came and went

within hours life did change 

and in my heart, the cut I felt.

There was no punishment for me

perhaps salvation came from pain 

the one your body had felt

during the last months of you on earth. 

And we saw you fly away 

in two, our present did change: 

Life with you next to me

and life with you next to Thee. 

The cut from your absence still bleeds 

but my heart feels that you are at peace;

breathing soft air, dancing with the win

flying everywhere where you eyes can see our fears

for calmness is what you bring every time we feel you near. 

Your presence is always here 

your absence is always here

and I miss you everyday 

and I feel you with the air.

Nonetheless, I question this: 

A reality of voids and ends 

beginning and transformation 

love and eternal care. 

I’ll forever miss you…

By CarolinasWords 

(Carolina Gonzalez – Carolina Portilla Garcés)

December 12th, 2020 – 3:30 – 4:00 pm

Florida – USA