Charles Justo, The New Revolution

justo_article1Publication: Natural Muscle Magazine – 2008 ©

By Carolina Gonzalez
Photography by Alex Gonzalez

New faces come and go constantly in the fitness and bodybuilding business, a few make a difference and only some truly revolutionize the industry.

With a distinctive state of mind, a striking air of confidence and gorgeous looks, comes Charles Justo, a young fitness model that with willpower and knowledge has arrived bringing us a new taste of perseverance and achievement that easily relates to most of us.

Charles’ relationship with the fitness world started when at age 11 he decided to transform his body into a strong and healthier version of his own, and during nearly 15 years he has enjoyed the results of his determination. “In high school I was really skinny, and fortunately the desire to transform myself came with the desire to learn about a healthy routine and a healthier way of living,” he said. Basic training and lots of reading about muscle development provided him results that slowly, but surely, made a difference in his life. “In order to understand the process of evolution that my body was embracing and to achieve my desired weight, I played sports, read hundreds of magazines and books, and after a few years, I noticed a big transformation that transcended my body. I started weight training when I turned 15, and quickly I learned about discipline, dedication and true achievements.”

Countless hours of training, a balanced diet, positive attitude, and a strong approach to a vigorous lifestyle is what has taken Charles to have a steady modeling career in the fashion and fitness industry. “All the hard work I have put into having a good physique has taken me to modeling and competing. I do keep my build all year round because it is my lifestyle, and now that it is part of my career I tell myself and others: No six pack, no work!” and as he said, “there is always room for improvement.”

Charles is 6’2”, weights 195 pounds approximately, and his international appearance enriched by Dominican blood, has landed him exclusive jobs like Sean John’s Spring/Summer Macy’s 2008 Campaign. Besides modeling for famous designers, working for world-known brands like Nike and New Balance, along with some TV appearances, Charles has participated in modeling and fitness contests. He placed 2nd at Model Universe 2004 and 2005, he participated in Mr. Gatorz Fitness 2005, and other events; but, as he said, his only competition is himself. “I enjoyed the events, I had the chance to learn about the industry and to meet valuable people; but my only contender is Charles Justo. I am the only person that can spoil my career.”

Nowadays Charles’ stunning looks and tight body can be seen as part of Muscleology’s marketing campaign. “Recently I signed with Muscleology to be the company’s spokesperson because I believe in the products they sell. I have seen the results in men and women; the ingredients they have chosen, the formulation of the products, and the support they offer to the consumer are valuable and truthful. In addition, the people behind the products are well-adjusted and they work as a team which provides buyers a sense of accountability.”

For years Charles has been sharing his knowledge about a healthier lifestyle with hundreds of people. “I am a certified personal trainer, licensed with IFPA, International Fitness Professionals Association, and ISCA, International Sports Conditioning Association, and currently I am working to obtain my certification with NASM, National Academy of Sports Medicine; and now that I am an active part of Muscleology my goal is to continue teaching people how to achieve a desired weight, maintain a healthier lifestyle, and how to help their diets with supplements that provide real results. It is pointless to spend hours at the gym, lifting crazy weights, if the diet is poor and unbalanced.”

Success, for Charles, is not at the end of the road but an element of a powerful mind, and with Muscleology’s products as part of a diet, Charles believes one can properly reach a set goal and maintain a firm physique. “I agreed to work with Muscleology because it is a Florida based company that offers products with high quality ingredients and scientifically proven formulations; and it offers constant education to those wiling to learn how to properly accomplish their goals.”

With tons of excellent advice, words of support and encouragement, and knowledge and preparation, Charles Justo keeps effectively living in the fitness world that he entered at an early age; and without fear, Charles and Muscleology invite you to achieve your goals because as he said: “Fear is what keeps you far from achieving success.”