NFL’s MARC MEGNA: From the Stadiums to the Milestones of the Fitness World


Publication: Natural Muscle Magazine – 2009 ©

By Carolina Gonzalez

Photography by Alex Gonzalez

NFL’s MARC MEGNA: From the Stadiums to the Milestones of the Fitness World

Being part of a Sports’ National League like the NFL is a dream

that thousands of very athletic minds and bodies embrace since

childhood, and the chosen ones get to enjoy it for a few years

while training really hard and devoting themselves to the sport.

But it is not a secret that life after years of playing sports at a

professional and demanding level can be challenging. Some

names get lost among the crowds, other become TV stars,

several continue to have the athletic lifestyle that empowers

them while teaching others to conquer their goals and to

pursue their dreams, and other become leaders of dozens

of bodies and minds that want to have an overall healthier

lifestyle in spite of not being part of a sports team. This is

the case of Marc L. Megna who played as a Linebacker

for teams like the New York Jets and the New England


Currently, this ex-football player is dedicated to guide individuals

towards a better physical condition. “Very early in life I discovered

my passion for sports and decided to play Football. In 1999, while

playing for Richmond University, I was drafted by the New York

Jets, played linebacker for the Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, and New

England patriots, and during the following years I committed

myself even more to the sport; but in 2005, due to a few injuries,

I had to find a new profession and became a certified Personal

Trainer. I chose this direction because during my years as a

football player, and as a team member, I helped others to

improve their exercise routines.” The natural interest for

a better conditioning of the human body has become for

Marc a key element in his technique and an extraordinary

asset for his trainees.

Personal Trainers are generally well prepared and

educated to teach others exercise routines and complete

programs that include diets and supplements; but

Marc provides more that these elements. Marc has

developed a Five-Step Program that can be applied to

every individual, and he helps them to identify personal

issues that need to be resolved in order to complete the

entire training process and to achieve the goals that suit

their needs. “First, I evaluated the levels of endurance,

flexibility and strength that a person can accept and

respond to, along with a body composition analysis; then,

I customized a program that responds to the individual’s

needs and goals; this is followed by implementing the

program under constant supervision and evaluation,

alongside with cardiovascular conditioning; once the

program is in progress, a Re-evaluation phase is needed

in order to re-test the program vs. the results so far

achieved; finally, this is followed by a phase I called

Re-structure where the exercise routine and complete

program is adjust to achieve the set goals.” All these

steps are necessary, he explained, because any physical

change is a process that requires not just dedication,

but a complete understanding of the body’s reaction to

physical activity. “It is crucial for any physical program

to modify the mind in order to modify the body. If an

individual has a personal problem that becomes a barrier

that does not allow him or her to progress and conquer

an improved lifestyle, that barrier must be identify and

demolish; otherwise, any physical program will not

provide the results desired,” he added.

Marc, who was born in 1976 in Fall River,

Massachusetts, nowadays lives and works in South

Florida. Although his list of achievements while playing

professional football is quite impressive, what it comes

as a surprise is to find out that as part of his education

as a personal trainer, Marc became Pre/Post Natal

Certified! “Pregnancy is an important part of life that

requires special preparation; and because I had learned

to combine different techniques, I can help pregnant

women to start or continue an active lifestyle; moreover

when the body is undergoing so many changes.”

Whomever Marc trains, and whoever wants to be

trained by him, can expect to come across a mind that

embraces athleticism from the inside out, and a well

educated professional that supports healthiness in every

part of the human body.

Publication: Natural Muscle Magazine – 2009 ©

By Carolina Gonzalez

Photography by Alex Gonzalez

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