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Dallas, Texas. November 28th, 2014
By Carolina Gonzalez

Super Model Jennifer Nicole Lee, also known as JNL, will be gracing the cover of Natural Muscle Magazine, one of the most established and go-to publication in the fitness industry in United States and Canada.

The magazine, out on January 2015, will mark the 75th cover for JNL and the fifth with this publication. Debbie Berkovits Baigrie, Editor in chief of this magazine, has known Jennifer since her first fitness competitions, and is looking forward to start another year on a high and positive note.

Photographed by Alex Gonzalez in Dallas, Texas, JNL mixed the sensuality of lingerie and bikinis with the strength of her powerful personality and a healthy full body figure.

Jennifer has lead the fitness market since mid 2000s. After loosing nearly 70 pounds following the birth of her second child, and being featured on major TV shows and magazine, she established herself as one of the most influential models in the world. JNL has embraced her fit, slick and strong figure with a clear message: Strong is the New Skinny!

Not the typical size-2-model, Jennifer has become an inspiration for those who want to loose weight and keep it off. She has also become an inspiration for those who want to follow her foot-steps as an entrepreneur.

In order to reach the masses with her exercise routines and fitness tips, Jennifer created the JNL Fusion method, a DVD series that has proven to be effective. In addition, she organized the JNL World Conference, a space to nourish the bodies and minds of those who are looking to have a more active and productive lifestyle.

The 5th JNL World Conference, which, coincide with the launch of the Natural Muscle Magazine cover, will be held in South Beach, Florida – January 16th through January 19th, 2015.
As in previous years, Jennifer and her team has arranged hotel accommodations that enhance the retreat and maximize the beauty of this experience. There is still time to apply.
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Some consider Jennifer Nicole Lee the JLo of the fitness Industry. Besides their physical similarities, both Jennifers are mothers, writers, actresses, super models, hardworking, powerful, entrepenuaers and both embrace their full-body figures with pride. Both, Jnl and JLo, influence the masses in a positive way.


About Jennifer Nicole Lee:

Jennifer Nicole Lee is one of the most accomplished fitness models in the world. After loosing more than 70 pounds following the birth of her second child, Jennifer’s body transformation became an empowering message that has inspired thousands; and with the creation of the JNL Fusion Method, an exercise routine that ignites fat burning while building lean muscle, Jennifer’s followers have changed their lives in a remarkable and positive way.

With more than 70 magazine covers, hundreds of TV appearances, books, e-books, and a recognizable cameo role in the movie “Pain & Gain,” Jennifer has led the way in the fitness industry.

Currently, Jennifer Nicole Lee is the spokes person for Prosupps; also know as Professional Supplements Inc.

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