Brandon ©

Disheveled I did find you

on the corner of our street 

staring at the floor

playing with the dirt on your feet.

Days must have gone by,

for your skin revealed a journey,

since I left you, with the others,

on the other side of that corner.

And I wanted you to be there

in the corner where I have left you

where I could have seen your smile

and your mind could have been stoic.

The corner I did offer

is not far from where I found you

but so so far 

from where I can truly have you.

And I see you there

your body has been abandoned,

your eyes do show me a gosht 

and inside they hide my Brandon.

Brandon is your real name;

but Brandon, I can not have you…

for the dirt surrounding you 

has become your skin and your armor.

Perhaps you are not even Brandon,

neither the son, the cousin, the uncle…

perhaps you are all at once

the one that succumbed to the tenuous havoc. 

You, there, in the corner of shadows

perhaps my Brandon

perhaps you or your own Brandon…

I still see you

although I can not have you,

and I want you to see me

even though there is a cast of phantom.

In that corner I am going to leave you

for now, although I need you…

I do understand your reasons

yet I do not comprehend the oblivion.

So I will walk to the other corner

the one that it is not yet betrothed,

and with vigilance I will wait

for the right moment

whenever you might decide

that it might be all worth it.

By Carolina Gonzalez (Carolina Portilla Garcés) #carolinaswords

April 5th, 2019 – Florida – USA.