America’s Top Fitness Model


Publication: Natural Muscle Magazine – 2015 © – Cover Story

By  Carolina Gonzalez

Photos and page layout by  Alex Gonzalez

Iconic, Successful and Inspirational:

Jennifer Nicole Lee, America’s Top Fitness Model!

The fitness industry is a competitive business. Products come and go, companies appear and disappear, and models, female and male, do too! Even with the boom of Social Media and its followers.  But only the best ones remain and stay on top.  A fabulous example on how to achieve your goals in the fitness world is mogul  Jennifer Nicole Lee, also known as JNL.  For more than a decade she has caught the attention of major companies and media outlets all around the globe, due to not only her amazing body, but to the message she delivers. She has appeared on TV, movies, radio shows, and of course, she has graced dozens of magazines, calendars and books, and has been featured on countless websites.  Her journey has been steady and she has become one of the top female fitness models of our time.

This month we are celebrating with Jennifer her modeling career and offering inside information about her stardom.


After giving birth to her second child, losing almost 80 pounds, being crowned “Miss Bikini America” in early 2000s and Miss Bikini Diva 2008 at the World Championship in Canada, among other titles, Jennifer has worked really hard to maintain a healthy message in the fitness world and it has paid off! She has been featured on TV shows like Oprah, CBS The Early Show, E! Entertainment, Fox and Friends, Extra TV, and dozens of publications like Oxygen Magazine, Fitness Rx, Muscle and Fitness Magazine, and of course, she has graced our cover a total of five times.

Through these years Jennifer has been recognized as an inspirational imagine for female competitors and everyday women. In 2012 Jennifer was named “America’s Sexiest Fitness Mom” by CBS, and in 2011 “Yahoo Sports ranked her as one of the “Top Three Females in the Fitness Industry”.

In 2013, Jennifer debuted on the big screen in the highly praised Hollywood Movie “Pain and Gain” directed by Michael Bay and starring Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie.

All of her achievements and thriving career seem to be supported by her commitment to empower women. With her catchy phrase “Strong is the New Skinny” Jennifer has reshaped and keeps reshaping the way women feel about themselves. Vigorously, she emphasizes in the important of confidence and determination.

The Secret

From the beginning Jennifer’s fitness journey has been marked by real expectations and she has found ways to approached the female body and people’s fitness transformations from a compassionate point of view.

Although she is very proud of her competition titles, her message goes beyond the stage.

“Wellness and true fitness” explained JNL, “is more than just how many calories you eat and how many calories you expend doing exercise or what exercises you do. I believe that being fit is a spiritual journey as well.” According to her, besides eating, exercising and resting appropriately, positive affirmations and positive people around you helps everyone to enjoy a successful fitness journey and healthier lifestyle. Vehemently, she invites women to work and improve their confidence. “Women: You have to embrace what you have! I celebrate all shapes and sizes…because the mind is the strongest muscle and when you believe that you can, you will!”

Although Jennifer serves as inspiration to others, she explains to us the meaning behind this word. “Being inspirational is believing in yourself when no one else does…It is like being a magician! Just like he (the magician) pulls that white rabbit out of the hat, you have to pull it out of your spirit and you do that by always counting your blessing, focusing on what you can do and not on what you can’t do, also looking at your strengths while not focusing on your weaknesses. And remember to be resilient and always bounce back up when life pushes you down. Never give up and never give in.”

The Tricks

When looking at magazines and fitness publicity we all need or should understand that preparing our bodies for a fitness competition, athletic event or a photo shoot is different that preparing our bodies for everyday endeavors. Usually preparation for competitions and marketing events required rigorous training. “Leading up to the event,” added Jennifer, “some people must train three to five hours a days and go under a strict and restricting diet. But I want women to understand that fitness is not torture, it is not prison, it is not punishment; it is about finding a happy balance.  It is about having the energy to do everyday activities.”  Nonetheless, we all can achieve an athletic look whether to develop a modeling career or to capture the results of a fitness journey.

Following, Jennifer is revealing some of her tricks.


Fitness modeling is not just about how the body looks. It is about projecting a positive energy. A bright and happy smile, friendly attitude and optimistic approach are the perfect ingredients for a major magazine cover, an inspiring post to your ‘followers’ or the start of your day.


A successful fitness journey and photograph is about believing in you! Furthermore, it is about projecting a balanced attitude. It is very off-putting to come across as a self-centered person or an insecure individual.  “Work on exploring and expressing all of your beauty rather than your flaws.” Added Jennifer.


Working out and maintaining a balanced diet does well to the body; but the skin needs extra care. Jennifer recommends making hydration a priority. And for photo shoots, public appearances or simply well deserved pampering time, exfoliation is a must. Moisturizers, body lotions and oils are also crucial.

Say ‘No’ to the Orange Skin

Competition tanning works wonders on stage appearances as it enhances muscle definition; but does not work well during photo shoots or public appearances.  Reaching a natural looking tan is more practical and long lasting. Make sure to use suitable products and sunscreens.

Know your Angles

Study your body. Learn which poses work for you and which ones you must avoid! This applies for professional and non-professional models. “Practice in front of the mirror and in front of a camera.” This will boost your confidence.

Suck It In

Always, always suck in your stomach. Even if you have a six pack or have a flat stomach.

Snack Time

Avoid eating foods high in sodium before and during fitness appearances, also don’t consume energy drinks that can make you quiver.

Learn about Photography

During a production everyone needs to be in sync; therefore learning about framing your body and understating composition, lighting and angles is helpful.

Learn about Makeup

There are so many marvelous techniques and tips to enhance ones beauty. Do your research and discuss with your make up artist which looks do you preferred. Even a “natural look” requires work and time.

Wear Eye-Catching Garments

Always try garments “that accentuate your qualities and help you ‘hide’ your flaws.” For photo shoots, wear and embrace clothes that capture attention. Be creative, playful and try different looks.

With some of JNL’s secrets exposed, we continue celebrating her journey because she has proven that it is not just about having a killer body; but a balanced, healthy and realistic love for oneself.

You can learn more about Jennifer Nicole Lee by visiting her latest website: which is the newest phase of her JNL Fusion training program. And to experience first hand the secrets of a fitness model, look up for the upcoming events around the world of her Fitness Model Factory.