The Beauty Is In Your Eyes ©

There is nothing ugly in the world
there are only different things
like the freckles on your face
and the eyelashes
on your hands?
or should I say
the eyelashes on your eyes
and the fuzzy hair on your fingers?

There is nothing but beauty in this world
like the curls of your hair
and the tan color of your skin.

Some people might be lighter
some might have darker eyes
but the variety makes us all
that much unique and divine.

There is nothing ugly in this world
like the doggies without a nose
or better say a tiny nose
compare to those
with bigger ones between their eyes.

There is nothing but beauty in this world
like a shorter person next to a tall building
and a gigantic tree next to a tiny flower.

The beauty lies on the difference
the variety
and the infinite possibilities of it all.

Because we are all
the things that makes us whole
nature and evolution
teddy bears and dinosaurs.

There is nothing ugly in this world
because I love the unicorns
as much as the leaves during autumn
and the sand between my toes.

There is nothing wrong with accepting us all.
The way we are
is what makes it all more fun.

The beauty is in your eyes
as it is in mine.
We can both can see the the big stars
or the tiny wings of the angels staring at us.

You might like bunnies
I might like butterflies
slimy snails and rainbow fish
star fish and flying squirrels
flying fish and manta rays!

Look it up!
There are fish that fly
and birds that only walk.
It is all fun facts
in this world that is yours as it is mine.

There is only beauty if you decide there is
there is only hope if you decide there is
and there is only red jello if that’s the one that you like
but the orange one might taste just fine
when you decide to give it a good try.

Because there is nothing ugly in this world
except self-destruction and dangerous drugs
greed and things of that sort.
But back to the beauty in us all.

There is nothing ugly in this world
just the difference and the variety
the bright colors and the dull ones
the sweets and the sours
the soft and the hard.

But above all
there is only love
and that should be the same
for us all.

Because this world is yours
and you are part of my mine
as I am part of yours
and we both can hop and hope!

By Carolina Gonzalez (Carolina Portilla Garcés)

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

From 4:20 to 4:50 pm

Photo by Alex Gonzalez ©