Alive in My Life © (To my angels)

I want to make you feel alive

I want you to laugh nonstop

I want you to see the world thru wondering eyes

and with a bit of doubt to make it all more fun.

I want it all for your life

the good stuff and bit of the bad

because crying is part of the dual

significance of the real mind.

But don’t be sad when you cry

and don’t be hysterical when you laugh

because the extremes will make you fall

out of this world that intertwines our minds.

I want you to feel that life

is all the things

the good, the bad,

the not-so-good, the not-so-bad

the ups and downs

the laugh, the cry.

I want you to never stop wondering about life.

about this life that battles with time,

that dances with it from time to time

and sometimes it makes it stop all at once…

Because you, my little child

is all there is and more than that!

You are the life, you are the wonder, you are the time.

By Carolina Gonzalez (Carolina Portilla Garcés)

February 20th 2015

4:58 – 5:13 pm

Photo by Alex Gonzalez ©

(This photo must not be copied, downloaded, and/or reproduced without permission from the photographer and expressed consent by me, my kids, or Alex Gonzalez)