Falling ©

The world has been falling apart

cities and jungles are crumbling 

the air is toxic

people’s mouths are full of dirt 

but you and I remain 

you and I both 

like communism and capitalism 

and all the ones that end in “isms”

like poison and drinking-oil 

like contamination 

condemnation and realization 

Perhaps … 

you and I both 

are free-falling while the world is breaking 

free-falling to the heavens 

free-falling from the heavens 

above and underneath 

all around us and within us …

We are falling

we are at fault 

because we all, you and I both 

are floating and not in control.

By  Carolina Gonzalez

(Carolina Portilla Garcés)

October 24th, 2018

10 am. Plantation, Fl.