I’ve watched the movie ‘Rendition’ three times, and each time I can see how the script’s timeline makes the story an intriguing sequence of events that juxtaposes not just the characters’ worlds, but their societies, rules and believes. The script reveals a beautiful manipulation of time, space, character’s traits, and intentions, while exploring humanity and the current troubled-times we are living in.
Directed by Gavin Hood and written by Kelley Sane, the movie follows the journey of a CIA analyst, played by Oscar Nominated Jake Gyllenhaal, whom after an overseas terrorist attack where his co-worker is killed, is assigned to witness an irregular interrogation at a secret detention facility outside the United States.
The plot explores and reflects on the concept of Extraordinary Rendition, also called forced rendition. According to the movie and worldwide reports, this is a government extrajudicial detention and transfer of a person to another country where forceful interrogations take place.
Following 9/11, stories like the one told in this movie, have been encapsulating the reality that surrounds many nations and many families.
Critical, confrontational yet emotional, the movie exposes viewers to an air that reveals an “it is what it is” feeling; a journey where sympathy and respect collided.
The cast is a powerful lineup of artists. Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep Alan Arkin and J.K. Simmons are among the actors who add depth to this strong script.
Another ingredient that adds a fabulous layer to the story is the soundtrack.
Rendition was released on October 2007
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