Do I? ©

Do I bring changes into your life

Do I arrive like a storm

full of strength and some destruction 

or do I come like spring or fall

slow and charming 

colorful and relaxing. 

New feelings and emotions 

bring like spring

new beginnings and excitement 

nonetheless the beauty of fall

brings nostalgic memories and 

the sweetness of pretty madness.

Do I bring changes into your life

do I do it on purpose 

or is it our destiny 

just to find those moments 

when everything changes

and our connection strengthens. 

I do! 

Perhaps that is my karma and my reward 

a gift and an obligation 

our eternal and endless smiles 

like a kiss that marks a beginning 

like a hug that marks a goodbye.

By Carolina Gonzalez (Carolina Portilla Garcés)

Frisco, Texas. August 3rd, 2017