Catatonic State ©

Crying in desperation

while trying to erase the sings

she stood in the corner of the room

pressing over her eyes.


The visions that carried the anguish

with power, magnified the fears

and the fears overshadowed her mind

while her tears rolled down endlessly.


Her throat felt tight

and the air felt thick

causing asphyxiation…

death felt so near.


Her lips dry-wide-open

devoured the pain

and the pain grew so deep

augmenting her distress.


Ruefully, she felt on her knees

while her stomach sank and caved

blubbering and screaming

she felt, so near, the end.


For hours she was in despair.

It might had been minutes

but the eternity was well felt

and as her tears dried out, she wept.


Swollen eyes and spirit thin

she had experience the pain

and to her surprise

this was not the end.


So she stood in her favorite corner

and the silence was all there

filling her mind with the emptiness

of her catatonic, depressive state.

By Carolina Gonzalez (Carolina Portilla Garcés)

#carolinaswords – March 2017 – ©