Publication: Natural Muscle Magazine – 2010 © – Cover Story –

By Carolina Gonzalez

Photography and Page Layout by Alex Gonzalez

Confidence is the title of this new phase in my career, and it is one of the main ingredients for a successful photo shoot. As a photographer, I have learned that who is modeling in front of the camera must have it, and the photographer must extract it in every shoot, show it in every picture, and reassure it with every word.


Self-confidence supported by knowledge, dedication, and constant improvement, always provides outstanding results. In front of the camera and behind it, self-belief is the secret that irradiates magic; and it is more than a virtue, it is a magnet!

But building confidence takes time and perseverance; and usually it is not juts a matter of being certain; but showing and sharing that belief with others. When I turned 15, I decided to study Arts in Communication, and throughout the years I have had the chance to work in some of my favorite areas. First, I wrote for television and worked as a producer. Then, I wrote for magazines and explored my creative writing, and although I still enjoy writing in Spanish and English, life has taken me to put all of my knowledge about lighting, composition, production, and story telling into photography. Now, more than ever, I am sharing the confidence that I have been building all these years.

I learned photography during my first years at the University, back in Cali, Colombia. Then, all that knowledge complemented itself when I learned Television Production during my last years there. However, when I started working with my husband, Alex Gonzalez, here in Florida, back in 2004, I had the opportunity to learn a lot more about computer programs; this took me to another fun and creative level.

Alex and I complemented each other’s work for a while. He is a Graphic Designer and Imaging Specialist who learned photography to improve his visions and work. I worked as his photographer assistant, and together we created amazing work.

Nowadays, I am in charge of the photography division in Axis Design Inc. I write for publications every so often, and continue writing movie scripts that soon I will be able to share.

All of my knowledge, dedication, and constant improvement gets better as I get to work with fitness models, mothers, celebrities and competitors who strive for perfection, and search in themselves for the ingredients that need to shine through the camera.

Marvelous pictures and worth-remembering photos are the outcome of all the fabulous elements that the entire production team brings to the set. It is not just the confidence and efforts of the photographer and the model; but of the entire team of makeup artist, hairstylist, wardrobe specialist, assistants and more that improve the vision and the end results.

Another main reason why I feel confident enough to shine is the support I receive from my husband, and the endless love that our angels bring into our lives. Mia, who is three years old, and Santiago, who turned one a few months ago, are the constant light in our lives. They are the flashes that trigger our minds.



When asked about my secrets for being in shape, I think of a few key elements that are worth sharing. First, Yoga; I value how this type of exercise allows the body to find its center and balance.
Second secret, make sure your body is in balance and healthy. Find professional help if you feel something is wrong of not working perfectly. Third secret, and this is a new one for me, drink Redline-Princess before working out, especially for cardio; the energy level really goes up!

More than having the perfect body, having the right vision, attitude and proper team will make magic happen. Finding a professional photographer is key for an amazing photo session; but every model, agent or person in charge of the photo shoot should find a vision, the idea that will nourish the production.
If the budget allows it, get a hairstylist and a makeup artist. Their hands can make the look, improve it, and surprise you!
Also, make your skin glow. There are tons of products that enhance the skin appearance and ad shine or softness to it.
Additionally, think about how accessories, including shoes, can improve or detriment the outfits.
Finally, if you want to know more production secrets and have an amazing and productive photo session, you can e-mail me at