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Publication: Natural Muscle Magazine 2011 © – Cover Story


Photography & Article Written By Carolina Gonzalez (Carolina Portilla Garcés) 

“Being strong and fit is in, and skeleton chic is out!” affirmed Jennifer Nicole Lee, fitness super model and bestseller author, during our last interview. Jennifer, who is also a motivational speaker, personal trainer, spokesperson for BSN and the face and partner of Ab Circle Pro, strongly believes that “everyone, in order to achieve the perfect body and figure, must eat healthier and exercise regularly”. For some of our readers, these statements are not new; but in today’s society its imperative to deliver the message clearly and constantly; because people of all ages might find themselves in the verge of bulimia, anorexia, starvation and avoiding exercising because of fear to having muscle tone, and because of the misconceptions behind the diets that some famous models, actresses and actors, assured to follow.

This article does not tell our reader what to eat; but it is an invitation to eat healthier and exercise frequently, because in order to lose weight and to be fit, you must eat healthier and be active. “It is not good to put oneself through an extreme diet, said Jennifer, because as soon as the diet cycle is over, all of the old bad eating habits are going to come back, and so will the weight. So the best thing, for each person, is to find a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients that the body requires”. Jennifer, strongly recommends avoiding the yoyo diets because besides being a “waste of time,” they can be harmful for the body and for one’s self esteem.

The best advice nowadays is to be educated about nutrition and to acknowledge the body needs. Nobody should believe that not eating is a solution; certainly the message is to eat healthy!  And everyone should exercise.“Weight training, for example, will not make a woman super muscular if that is not her desire. Weight training will make her stronger and slimmer if that is her goal, it will make her body bootylicious, curvylicious, and sexy.” So the combination of not eating, doing crazy cardio and not exercising in order to be skinny must be replace with slogans and ideas like “Strong is the new skinny” and “Got muscle”, trade mark phrases that have helped Jennifer to deliver the message in a clear way.

Jennifer’s message is one of the strongest in the fitness industry and that message is reaching people of all ages and backgrounds around the world. “I really want to educate people about the secrets of being fit; because everyone has the desire to feel better and look better. I want women to go to the gym and train not just to lose weight or be skinny, I want them to go and become stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. I want them to achieve their goals and keep them, I want them to learn how to maintain the weight, to be active and more productive. It’s a deeper message than looking good in a bikini; it is about self-love and self-respect, it is about having an improved lifestyle”.

It is important to understand the negativity behind the skeleton chic diet, because it is not healthy and the results are poor. Weight training, booth camps and exercising in general, combined with a balanced diet are the right answers for a fit, vigorous and content body. “Weight training for example, says Jennifer, is the fountain of youth. It will give your body the solid architecture to stand strong and to fight gravity, because it makes the muscles powerful”.

It is unrealistic to go on a diet to fit into a size zero or two because of the misconception that almost everyone on television, cinema and magazines fits that description; It is also unrealistic to believe that some of the public figures who look thin and a bit underweight, eat everything and lots of food, and do not exercise; what it is realistic is “to have control over your mind and body, and to embrace your own beauty”, added Jennifer, who has published books and articles with valuable advice.


For more information about having a fit and healthy body, you can visit Jennifer Nicole Lee’s websites, and/or find the right information for your needs and body type.