Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest!


Publication: Natural Muscle Magazine – 2012 ©

By Carolina Gonzalez

Photography and Page Layout by Alex Gonzalez

Moms around the world have been embracing the positive results of having a more athletic lifestyle, and hundreds are gracing the runways of the fashion world and the competitions stages of the fitness industry.

This October 12th 2012, in Boca Raton, Florida, dozens of moms got together to compete at the 2nd Laura London’s Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest; a fun competition that invites moms to be fierce and to feel beautiful.

The Fit and Fabulous Mom Contest consists of only two rounds: a fitness outfit and an evening look; and it is divided into three classes: Class A – 25 to 30, Class B – 40 to 50, and Class C: Over 50.

One of the big attractions of this competition, especially for contestants, is that a bikini is not required. In order to allow moms to feel more confident on stage, Laura London and the production team took into consideration some of mom’s biggest fears, and it is not mandatory to show the abs.

The goal of this show is to give moms a space to shine, to feel proud about their figures, and to participate without having to compete with bodies that have not gone through the changes provided by pregnancy.   And the judges’ job is to determine the winners based not just on the body’s condition, but determination, confidence and persistence.

I had the honor to be a part of the judging panel for the second time. This year, the judging panel was lead by David Octavio Gandell, 2 Time Cancer Survivor, Motivational Speaker, Professional Life Coach and Fitness Trainer. By our side were Patricia Valenti, IFBB Bikini Pro; Peter Cianci, Director of Corporate Sales for Deliver Lean; Fredo Cylentro, SNBF Pro Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Exercise Physiologist & Nutritionist; Unni Greene, Personal Trainer, Certified Sport’s Nutrition Coach and a Certified Master Trainer; and Eli Sapharti, Motivational Speaker: Weigh Loss Success Story.

For this contest, moms are coached into bringing self-assurance to the stage.

Congratulations to Laura London for establishing this competition, and to the Fit and Fabulous Mom Winners.