The Timing of Our Hearts ©

Do not mention my name

and do not touch my hand

as I stare at you

and all that you are.

Do not mention my name

for you had chosen this path

away from mine

away from who I am.

Do not touch my hand

as I have not touched yours for a while

for an eternity that is endless and it is sad

an eternity that is not enough to freed me from your harm.

Away from me you decided to walk

away from everything that surrounded our hearts

so far that mine became the lonely one

and yours, I am sure, has become the empty one.

Do not mention my name

it might sound just hollow and flat

for you have nothing to offer

and poor excuses will not suffice.

So I became the lonely one

while you explored a greedy path

and constructed a reality

for you to fill up your life.

But no amount of lovers

will give you what I did have

my brilliance and my dreams

my early years and my big blue eyes.

I can’t let you touch me

as I stared at you and you empty heart

for you abandoned me

when I came to you directly from the sky.

Do not mention my name

for you are not father

Do not touch my hand

for you are not my mother.

Rejecting me was your choice

and my pain is totally your fault.

But now, indifferent to your voice

I finally know how strong I have become.

Carolina Gonzalez – 2016  ©

(Carolina Portilla Garcés) #carolinaswords