Our Shelter ©

The distance might be our salvation

because it allows us to see the big spectrum.

From far away, I can see you

from far away, I can feel you.

The distance is indeed is our salvation

an allied that increases emotions,

an allied that enhances momentum.

The meaning or our words become stronger

the meaning of our silence becomes desire

and the extension of our thoughts …

An unfading creation.

For these words I own

are for you to keep

and the ones you own

are mine to believe.

The distance has become our secret shelter

and as we grow older

this allied could make us surrender.

But as we walk this path

this allied must remain a creative force.

The one that enable us to find comfort

in whatever it is

that brought us into our worlds.

By Carolina Gonzalez (Carolina Portilla Garcés)

October 2015